Blessings and Becoming Your Own Champion

You know all of those “truisms” we heard when we were growing up? Those old adages that told us to be cautious, not to risk too much, to believe (and prepare for) the worst that could happen?  Ever wonder what life would look like if you flipped those statements around?

This Ronald Wallace poem offers the following…

Blessings occur.
Some days I find myself putting my foot in the same stream twice;
leading a horse to water and making him drink.
I have a clue.
I can see the forest for the trees.
All around me people are making silk purses out of sows’ ears,
getting blood from turnips, building Rome in a day.
There is a business like show business.
There is something new under the sun.
Some days misery no longer loves company; it puts itself out of its.
There is rest for the weary.
There is turning back.
There are guarantees.
I can be serious. I can mean that.
You can quite put your finger on it. Really.
Some days I know I am long for this world.
I can go home again.
And when I go, I can take it with me.”

What are you doing differently to become more of who you really are? What are your goals?  What are you doing to achieve them?  How will today be any different than a year from now?  What are you doing to make a difference – for yourself – for your family – for your professional growth and success?  Set goals.  Take action. 

Become your own best champion.  Do it.  Now. 

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By Roxanne Kaufman Elliot
July 27, 2017 Category • #improvisnojoke, #neverwearred, #RoxanneKaufmanElliott, #Prolaureate, #leadership, #i3leadership, #theleadershipchallenge, #Roxtalks

A few weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Peter Margaritis for his podcast, Improv Is No Joke. The interview was a blast, and we got into detail on some topics Im really passionate about: How The Leadership Challenge can transform cultures Why leadership needs love How i3 executive training develops exemplary leaders You can find my interview on any of the following:, Google Play, iTunes, or Stitcher. Comment below and let me know what you think. Happy listening!

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Did you know that every human being has 0.2 mg of gold in their body? Every one of us. Most of this gold is within the heart. Having a heart of gold is more than just a saying its actually true. So how do we get to this inner gold? How do we use it? Why is it important? Could it bethatthis ancient, precious element that lies deep within our hearts is a key to a life of greater rewards, happiness,success, andfulfillment? And if it is, how do we mine it out? In my experience, there are three keys to mining and unleashing our inner gold: 1. Finding ourinspiration our passion our purpose our vision 2.Ignitingthat inspiration with a solid plan based on strategic thinking, clear and attainable goals and focused objectives 3. Making a profound and positiveimpacton the lives of others and our own by taking action and holding ourselves accountable. Inspire. Ignite. Impact. The three Is of success. I to the power of 3 What are you doing to truly unleash your inner gold - to inspire,

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April 21, 2017 Category • NeverWearRed

Have you ever noticed how life ebbs and flows like the waves in the ocean? They (if anyone can ever tell me who they are, it will solve one of the great mysteries of my life) say when it rains, it pours things happen in threes in or in bunches and so on. Its true. And I have been riding one of those waves lately. A tidal wave of gratitude. So many wonderful things have been happening in both my personal and professional life, I am in awe and deep appreciation of all of it! As I ride this wave, I am reminded once again of the power of intention and purpose. When we find our sweet spot in life; when we know we are doing our best work and living in each moment; when we start each morning with a quiet knowing that we will win the day; and when we have the confidence and strength to move beyond, through, around or over the obstacles that show up then we create a momentum driven by intention that is simply profound. What follows is clarity, FUN!, and the joy of living each day in gratitude

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